Sunday, April 29, 2012

So It's Been a While...

Random Note: I will be running the 2012 New York City Marathon!!! :D

My last post was over a month ago. I have been so busy with school and internships and such. Now, I am still busy, but procrastinating, so of course a blog post is in order.

I have still  been a reading fiend, but I can't say I have enjoyed all of what I've been reading. Waiting, by Ha Jin, for example, was quite a downer. I followed Lin and Manna over their 18 year love affair while Lin attempted to divorce his wife. Their relationship developed, feelings changed and evolved, and eventually, after waiting 18 years, the divorce was obtained.
Manna and Jin marry and have twin sons, but alas married life is not all they had hoped. Manna falls ill and does not seem to have long to live, and Lin realizes, oh hey, I loved my first wife all along. Lucky for him Manna is going to die soon, so he can re-marry wife #1. Until the last sentence, which is Jin's observation that Manna seems to be doing much better and speaks with a voice that is full of life. Waiting was a very appropriate title for this novel.
Oh, and it won some sort of literary award, as many depressing books do.

After remembering the book and writing that sloppy summary, I am suddenly unmotivated, so I'll just list other things I have been reading:

-Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson (Started, didn't finish yet)
-The Girl in the Gatehouse by Julie Klassen (for a Christian Lit assignment)
-The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie (for a multicultural assignment)