Wednesday, September 28, 2011


In today's issue of The Wall Street Journal, there was an article about's new tablet, the Kindle Fire. The tablet, which is being revealed today, is supposed to be a big rival to Apple's iPad. According to The Wall Street Journal, the new tablet will have "touch-screen technology; a customized version of Google Inc.'s Android operating system; and access to Amazon's app store, streaming movies and TV shows." While reading the article, I was wondering what other features would the Fire have? Apple's iPad has eReader capabilities, but they do not currently make a product that is just an eBook reader.
Amazon, on the other hand, has the Kindle

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Train Travel

I usually read on the train, but today I was feeling a bit lazy. Instead, I decided to people watch. First, I noticed a badly dressed woman sitting across from me. After tearing my eyes away from her, I saw that there were several people reading. From where I was, I could see four people reading book, two people using eReaders (I think they were both using a Kindle, but I'm not sure), and almost everyone else doing something on their cell phone.
I have noticed that reading on the Subway train is quite popular. Like iPods and other music players, it gives a person a way to tune out. Unlike various music players, reading gives an excuse not to look up when people come on the train asking for money. We are too engrossed in the words!