Thursday, March 1, 2012


I've resigned to the fact that I will not be able to post very often this semester. I'm not only going to school full time, but also working in the school library a few hours a week, interning on days I don't have class, and am in the midst of filling out scholarship applications. So much to do, so little time!

A quick update, though. I'm currently reading a time travel novel called Blackout by Connie Willis. I'm almost done, and I don't know if I like it or not yet enjoying it. There's less than 100 pages left (of a 511 page book) and it feels as if not much has happened. I had to sit back and think about what was happening to each of the characters to realize that progress has been made, but not much. It feels like they have been in the same predicament for a good portion of the novel. It definitely is not my favorite book, but I think the ending will be a big factor on how I end up feeling about the book.

It is a pretty quick read, though. Part of the reason it seems as if nothing has happened is because every time I look down at the page number I'm surprised at how much I've read. I'll look down at page 350 and then again at 450 and not much will have happened. But I keep reading and wanting to know what happens next, so I guess Willis did something right.
I spoke to several people who listened to Blackout on audiobook, narrated by Katherine Kellgren, and they all loved it. Maybe Kellgren has a way of bringing the words to life that my imagination simply is not accomplishing at the moment.

On a similar, yet different note, I am reading Blackout on my Kobo, so I don't have to carry around a big 500 page book, so that's nice. It is especially nice having it now because I am taking a reader's advisory class that requires reading many books, covering a variety of genres. About three novels every 3 weeks or so (It doesn't seem like much, but remember that full time student thing). If I took the hard copies of all the books out of the library, I would have books covering every inch of my room. I need that space to store my dirty clothes, so that's not an option.

So to sum up, Blackout is a definite maybe, and the Kobo is still fun.

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