Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I miss reading.

    Lately, I have been very busy with school work, which is why I haven't been posting. I have been getting up early so I have extra time to write papers and study for finals. This schedule has changed my subway reading time into subway listen-to-music-zone-out-and-relax time. I needed the subway ride to unwind and stop thinking for a little while. It really helped me stay sane, and actually helped my focus on doing work when I got home, since I would occasionally get an idea for a paper while listening to music.
    The past two weeks have comprised of doing research and writing final papers, and thinking about final tests. Today, I took my first final (my last one is tomorrow (: ). After I was finished, I thought of everything I still have to do. It turned out to be not that much, which was a huge relief. I popped my headphones in and headed off to the train.

While sitting on the train, an odd feeling came over me, and I realized I didn't want to listen to music. I wanted to read. I miss reading. I miss reading books that are not text books. Unfortunately, the only books I had were for the class I took the final for (a ploy to force myself to study on the way to school and not become distracted with entertainment- it worked).
I sat on the train and thought about reading. I could see myself walking into the library and finding a book that had nothing to do with libraries. I realized that what I am really looking forward to doing over winter break is reading. All semester I have been learning about fantastic tools librarians use to search for information, help people pick a book to read next, and websites with reader reviews on the latest best sellers. But I could not read any of those books. I only had time to read about how to find these fantastic books. My classes were taunting me.
But now I am so close to being able to use the tools I have been taught; to find a book that looks good, and then actually read it.
I can't wait!

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