Thursday, December 22, 2011

Reading Machine

Since the semester ended I have been a reading machine.

Ok, so the books I've been reading have been really easy young adult books. Percy Jackson and the Olymipans, Vampire Academy, that kind of stuff. But it's so nice to read things that are not school related. Or, I suppose one could argue that since I am going to school to be a librarian, everything I read is school related. Hmm...
But it's nice to be able to curl up and read something that is not a textbook. Sure, I read a few books during the semester, but that was during a train ride or a few pages while eating breakfast. The past few days I have been reading pretty much all day. I go out for runs, I stop to eat, and I try to do at least one productive thing, but for the most part it's been a reading marathon. I love it.

So far I have been taking out a lot of books from the library to read on my Kobo. I'm visiting my parents, and my car is out of commission, so I can't go to the library. The ebook-library thing has been great. I put a few books on my waiting list, too, so when they become available I will receive an email with a link to download the books. Yay!

Just because I can't walk one block to the library at the moment does not mean I am out of paper books with pages that I can read. I definitely got my reading from my parents. They are big readers, and as a result have quite a book collection. It used to be bigger, but they donated a lot to a local used book store. Now there are only a couple hundred in the house, instead of...oh I don't know...over 1,000. No joke.

So I will have to go through the books in the house and get reading, as I usually do when I come here. I remembered I bought some books when Borders went out of business that I still have not read. Also, there are a lot of books that I often look at and know I should read, but I end up not reading them. I'll definitely look at those books and think about reading them again. Whether or not I actually do...well...we'll have to wait and see.
Basically, my plan for the next month is to read a lot. I think it is a plan I can follow through with. And I am always open to suggestions.

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