Monday, June 11, 2012

Russia: Day 10, Last day of being official!

Our last day of official activities was spent at Peterhof. To get there we took a hydrofoil, which was super fancy. 
Another large and impressive palace. I feel like all of them are blending together. Each one we have visited has been in a similar style: grand entrance, rooms covered in gold and mirrors, some rooms that are gold and red, and one or two rooms that are a different style from the others. In Peterhof the different rooms were oriental inspired rooms. They were quite ornate. Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed, and in the oriental rooms we were not even allowed to stop to look. We had to walk through, though we walked super slow.
Our greeting onto the hydrofoil

We're on a boat

Fountains in front of the palace
The really unique part about Peterhof was the park. It was beautiful, and the fountains were fun. I am glad Peter II had a sense of humor. I can picture makeup running and wigs flying when a woman bends down to smell a "flower." 
The gardens were amazing. I liked that there were plenty to tulips, since it's one of my favorite flowers. 
More tulips!

A fountain of a dog chasing
Dessert! Yumm-O

My yummy and filling lunch.
Those Russians really know how
to please a vegetarian.

The "flower" fountain


I think Peter the Great and I would have gotten along pretty well. We both love books, like a good laugh and tulips, and have a thing for rooms with too much hanging on the walls. Also, we both prefer to lounge around in comfortable clothes rather than our formal wear (he was known for wearing working clothes more often than his fancy royal garb). If we had been born in the same century I am confident we would have been best friends.  
Me in front of the fountains. Or am I behind them?
After Peterhof, we took the hydrofoil back to the main land, and I fell asleep. And then I woke up nice and refreshed. Fabulous! And then a group of us went to dinner. Double fabulous!

We went to a Georgian place called the Cat Cafe. As if the name weren't good enough, the food was good, too. I have to admit my meal was not the best. I ordered a few appetizers, but under estimated my hunger. And I didn't realize that Georgian corn bread is different than corn bread in the states.

I had an eggplant dish, which was yummy, and the corn bread which was bland. I think it is meant to go with something. Like honey, or soup or something to make it have flavor. I was still a little hungry, but my dining buddies were nice enough feed me bites of their food, which was delicious.

Erin and Brigette enjoying the house wine.
Did I mention that out waiter looked like Antonio Banderas? That was an excellent part of the meal, too. He was nice enough to take a picture with us. We never did find out if he's married.

Some of the ladies with Antonio Banderas. 

Guess what we did after dinner. Just guess. 
                          That's right. 
We got ice cream.
And it was delicious. 

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