Friday, August 10, 2012

WOAH! A book that's not for school!

I'm so excited! I'm reading a book that was not assigned for school. It is every bit as satisfying as I thought it would be. I can put it down and not read it constantly, and if I want, I can stop reading. Just stop reading and switch to a different book. Because it is not required reading. It's fun reading.

I'm not going to stop in the middle because I like this book. Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clark, by the way. I read it in 10th grade and liked it, so I decided to read it again. I'm still liking it.

After I finish Childhood's End I will read a few books on my too-read list, including The Amber Spyglass, which is the last book in the "His Dark Materials" series by Philip Pullman, and a book about all of the literary reference in the "Harry Potter" series. Go me!

My summer classes are not over yet. That's not until Wednesday. But all of my reading is done, and I only have 2 papers left. The end is near! And then I will have my 1 week of summer, which will be spent in Seattle, Washington, and then back to school. Good stuff.

In other news, my fundraiser for the NYPL Corrections Department is going well, but it could always do better! If you want to donate, click the link on the right side of this page. Or just click the link below:

Now I should probably get to writing those 2 papers.

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