Thursday, February 14, 2013

Review: Would You Eat Your Cat?

Would You Eat Your Cat? by Jeremy Strangroom
I won this book from a giveaway. I entered said giveaway because of the book title and cover photo. That little cat is so cute! But when I got the book and saw that it had to do with ethics, I started thinking I should stop picking my books based on the cuteness of the cover and actually read the description. However, everything turned out okay in the end. 

Would You Eat Your Cat: Key Ethical Conundrums and What They Tell You About Yourself was a little book with a lot of punch. It asked insightful questions about morals and ethics, gave a kind of humorous scenario for readers to chew on, and then provided different ways to look at the situation along with real world scenarios. I discussed some of the ethical conundrums with others and it sparked a bit of discussion. Everyone liked the pictures.

Over all I thought Would You Eat Your Cat was an interesting little book and is a great tool to start a debate at a dull dinner party and a great book to keep in your bathroom (this is not meant as a bad thing. It's just that the passages are short and it's one of those books you don't need to read straight through. You can put it down and then not come back to it for a few days...or next time you go to the bathroom).

There was one thing that annoyed me: in the introduction, Strangroom explains how to use the book. He suggests reading an ethical question, located in the first half of the book, and then flipping to the back of the book to read the discussion. Then flip forward again to read the next question and flip to the back again to the corresponding discussion. My question is why all the flipping back and forth? Why not just put the discussion right after the question, if that is how the book is supposed to be read anyway?

But hey, at least it had a cute cover.

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