Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Review: BOMB

BOMB by Steve Sheinkin

“Bomb: The Race to Build -and Steal- The World’s Most Dangerous Weapon” by Steve Sheinkin is a non-fiction book about the events surrounding the development of the atomic bomb. The book goes back and forth between the development of the bomb and the efforts of Russian spies to steal the plans. Intermingled in these two major plots are glimpses of the Norwegian resistance and their efforts to prevent Germany from building their own bomb.

This book was interesting and accessible. There was action  mixed in with the hard facts, which made reading exciting. Also, some of the people who were involved, such as those in the Manhattan Project, the operations in Norway and Russian spies, were followed throughout the book. This made the events easier to follow and gave them a human element, which kept “Bomb” from becoming too textbook-ish.

While not a “lite” read, “Bomb” is definitely teens and adults alike can get into. If you like non-fiction, are interested in the events of WWII, or enjoy spy stories, give this book a shot.

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  1. There is also a literature unit based on this book for teachers. It is geared toward high school English or social studies classes and is based on Common Core standards. It can be found at Curriculum Aids or on Amazon.