Tuesday, May 22, 2012

For A Good Cause

I mentioned in a previous post that I will be running the NYC marathon in November. I have decided that I will be one of those cool people who tries to raise tons of money for charity, so I chose to support the New York Public Library Correctional Services program. 
What the program does is send librarians to set up libraries for the prisoners at Riker's Island. The program goes beyond books, though. The librarians also have set up a Daddy and Me program, where prisoners are recorded reading a book, and the recording is sent to their kids, and also a booklet on how and where inmates can find employment once they are released. However, the department is quite small, and has a small budget.

The money raised will go to publishing this booklet, which has been requested by people around the country. If you would like to donate, I have put up a nifty little widget on the right side of the blog. Just click and go!
To learn more about the NYPL correctional services program, click here. Also, if you would like to donate, but want your money to go to buying books, they have an Amazon Wish List you can check out. 


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