Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Russia Day 1: Arrival, Dinner and A Walk

Yeah, so I'm in Saint Petersburg.
For those of you who don't know, I am taking a study abroad class in Saint Petersburg that will last 2 weeks. In that time, we will go to libraries and museums around the city, give presentations on trends in US libraries to students in a Russian library school, and have plenty of time to explore the city on our own. Should be a fabulous time!

After a long day of travel, I arrived in Saint Petersburg around 12:00, which is around 5am in NY. We did not do much today since everyone was exhausted from traveling. I was so tired, and after getting to the hotel I passed out... but as is typical I woke up in time for dinner without need for an alarm. I'm so gifted. We took the metro do the restaurant we had reservations at, and after eating everyone was so stuffed we decided it would be a good idea to walk it off, so we went back to the hotel on foot. This allowed for some fun exploration.
Now, this dinner needs to be properly described. We went to a family-style Armenian restaurant, and it was absolutely delicious. We arrived, and the table was already covered in food. Lots of vegetable based dishes and cheese: bean salad, regular salad, beef salad, grilled vegetable dips, pickled vegetables, rolled and stuffed eggplant, cheese, cheese and cheese, and more. It was so good. And that was just the first course!
After meet pastries and stuffed grape leaves were passed around, which I passed on, as well as an egg and cheese pastry, which was soooo yummy. At this point everyone was stuffed because we didn't realize how many courses there were. We were told that there was still more food to be brought out, but no one could take another bite. So, we took it to go and we will have dinner for tomorrow. Success. I promise I'm done describing food that no one but me cares about.

This is the yummy delicious eggplant thing.
 I was too busy eating to take pictures
 of any of the other dishes.
This is what time we left the restaurant after dinner.
Notice it is nice and sunny out.
Yay for almost 24 hours of light!

On our walk back to the hotel we saw lots of fun things such as:

The Kissing Bridge

On the side of a building.
They look pretty serious about reading.

View from the Kissing Bridge.
The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood
is in the distance.

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