Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Review: Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue by Kerstin Gier
I had really enjoyed the first book in the "Edelstein Trilogie," Ruby Red. I finished the second book in the series, Sapphire Blue. I liked it and liked reading about Gwen and Gideon's adventures through time, but I enjoyed it slightly less than the first book.

Like Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue starts with a prologue that follows Lucy and Paul. Readers get a glimpse into their side of the story, and a few clues into the many mysteries in the book. Lucy and Paul are the two time travelers who are responsible for Gwen and Gideon's current task: finding all past time travelers and getting a few drops of their blood to put into the chronograph (the machine that helps the time travelers go back to specific time periods). Only a small amount of blood is needed, and most of the past time travelers are willing. There are a few who refuse, though, making a task that could be simple, difficult. There is also the part where Lucy and Paul stole one of two chronographs specifically to prevent all 12 time travelers from putting their blood in and closing "the circle of 12." They will not be donating their blood any time soon. If the circle is closed, it will reveal a secret that may or may not save the world. Save it from what, I don't know... but neither do the characters in the book. It's a secret, after all.
As for Gwen and Gideon, they have been instructed to travel back in time to the 1700s to attend a party. Count Saint Germain will be there, a terrifying thought for Gwen, as last time they met he choked her using only his mind. Gwen must prepare for the party by learning the mannerisms of the period so she does not reveal that she is from a different time. She is coached by her cousin Charlotte -the one everyone thought had the time traveling gene but didn't- and a snooty historian/fashion designer/ every profession ever. Luckily, Gwen also has her best friend Lesley and two ghosts who lived through the time period to help her out.

Between school and her time travel coaching, Gwen still finds time to sneak in a few more adventures and romance. She goes back in time and meets her Grandfather as a young man, and the two try to figure out a few mysteries and reveal some secrets. Also, Gewn's relationship with Gideon becomes much more complicated. Does he like her, or Charlotte? Or maybe he doesn't like either of them, but has been given the task of making them fall in love with him. But Why?

Sapphire Blue was just as quick a read as Ruby Red, and I kept wanting to find out what happens next. However, this time around I found Gwen's quirkiness a bit less entertaining. I also was getting tired of hearing how good looking Gideon is. I get it, he looks like a Greek god. Now get on with it! I did find the reactions each character had to different situations relatable. Who hasn't had a broken heart or been driven by curiosity? In the end, the twists and turns in the plot were what kept me reading more than the characters. I do have to finish the series. What is the big secret? Does Gideon love Gwen? Will he save her from some impending doom? What is hidden in Gwen's house? So many questions that need answers! Hopefully the final book in the trilogy, Emerald Green, has a satisfying ending. My fear is that there are so many questions to be answered that the book will seem rushed, and none of the mysteries will be solved in detail, but only glanced over. Unfortunately, I will have to wait until the fall to find out!

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